We are a forestry company with plantations located in midwestern Corrientes, a province located in the Argentinian Mesopotamia

The properties where the plantations are developed are distributed into two management units: Empresas Verdes Argentina S.A., whose properties are located between the towns of Concepción and Chavarría, 180 kilometers from the capital of Corrientes; and Las Misiones S.A., near the town of San Miguel, about 160 kilometers from the province’s capital. The management of both companies is administered by EVASA.


Our total patrimony is comprised of a total of 88 thousand hectares, of which some 36.9 thousand hectares are devoted to the forestry project while 49.2 thousand hectares represent protected areas among which there are grasslands, scrublands, palm groves, wetlands, native forests and buffer zones, among others. The remaining area corresponds to infrastructure areas.


The plantable area was first intervened upon at the end of the 1990’s, previously having been used for livestock purposes. Our activity focuses on the establishment of silvicutural systems via management and harvesting, primarily for production of high-value roundwood from pine plantations.


All of EVASA’s properties were acquired prior to 2009, the date on which Provincial Decree 1440 was promulgated, physically delimiting the zoning of Iberá and including limitations on productive activities in the area. Subsequent to this law, all activities of the company are framed within it. Regarding the plantations established before 2009, EVASA has presented an adaptation plan that has been approved by authorities of Instituto Correntino de Agua y Medio Ambiente (the Correntine Institute of Water and Environment).



42 % plantable

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native forests,
wetlands, grasslands and buffer zones.