Forestry operations are carried out to the highest standards of silvicultural quality in order to maximize the development of high-value products for our clients while ensuring care for the environment and good relationships with neighboring communities

Currently, the products generated are pine logs of different dimensions and for various final products.

Currently, the products generated are pine logs of different dimensions and for various final products, from particle board and pallets to high-quality wood for construction and export. These products are commercialized primarily in sawmills in the province of Corrientes and also in the rest of the regional market.

The province of Corrientes has currently a forest volume of 76 million tons of wood, of which 76% is pine. Current local consumption is 4 million tons and approximately 550 thousand tons are used annually for export.

EVASA currently supplies wood to around 30 clients, mostly local, and this number is the result of local efforts allowing it to increase by more than 70% in 10 years. The current average production volume is 380,000 tons of saw and pulp logs. Our clients’ consumption varies greatly, from 30 tons per month to 9,000 tons per month, which makes it important for us to offer wood at different scales of industry.

About 50% of our wood is destined for the town of Santa Rosa, 38% of the volume is distributed among various towns in the province of Corrientes, and the rest is sent mainly to the provinces of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos.

We are committed to using the latest technology available for harvesting in order to optimize the use of our resources in compliance with the demand of our customers.

Work in the field is carried out by independent contractor companies, to which EVASA offers training programs and certification of labor competencies for its operators. In addition, periodic control is carried out in order to ensure and guarantee strict compliance of the technical operating procedures, conditions, laws and labor regulations in force for its personnel, as well as the internal safety measures, environmental regulations and anti- corruption measures under which EVASA operates.